Townshend Adds to his Legacy..., October 25, 2001 Reviewer: Kerry Stephenson from Murray, Kentucky USA Simply wonderful...a departure for Pete that finds him in fine form. Raphael Rudd and his harp and piano pieces really blend well with the Who classics as well as the then new (1980) songs from Empty Glass. Can't go wrong with this one...grab it and let a master take you on an amazing journey.

Townshend and Rudd's best album ever!, October 22, 2001 Reviewer: A music fan from USA If your a Townshend fan or just a true music fan, this is a MUST CD to own. "Let My Love Open the Door," "Bargain," "Little Is Enough" and many more Pete tracks in versions that I have never heard before just blew me away! Raphael Rudd's tracks are equally amazing hence the reason Pete and Raphael are on the album together. I'm now a RAPHAEL RUDD fan!!

Great Live Album, it feels like you're really there........., October 17, 2001 Reviewer: A music fan from San Francisco, CA It's a great compilation of heartfelt songs played by both artists - perfect synchronicity between them! It's a completely different sound to hear Pete Townshend play to a small audience, it sounds like just two guys having a great jam session. The acoustic versions of "A Little is Enough" and "Let My Love Open the Door" are awesome and very different than the versions on the Empty Glass album, "The Ferryman" has a real 'blues' feel to it. Piano and Harp solos by Raphael Rudd are awesome as well and powerfully inspirational. Album is mellow, yet uplifting - buy it!

A newly found gem, October 17, 2001 Reviewer: A music fan from Keene, NH USA Townshend fans are in for some musical joy. This is Pete at his most intimate and spiritual, and at a time when he was fully committed to his music. The acoustic versions here are from around the same time as the "Secret Policeman's Ball" recordings, and are just great. "The Seeker" is outstanding, and so's the obscure "Sleeping Dog" (Pete in Cat Stevens mode!). The Raphael Rudd performances are dreamy and accomplished. Townshend is even better than we thought, and this is a great disc for anyone who likes Who Came First or Scoop better than "Long Live Rock." Play like this again, Pete!