The following is from the back of Raphael Rudd's 1996 release, The Awakening - Chronicles

Raphael Rudd and I met because of our mutual interest in the Indian spiritual master AVATAR MEHER BABA. When about five years old Raphael met MEHER BABA, who took the child's hands in his own and gazed into his eyes. Later, when Raphael became a musician and dedicated his work to his master, it became clear to everyone that MEHER BABA had inspired the child forever.

I didn't meet MEHER BABA in the flesh. But I was pleased to be able to work with Raphael on this recording project that was to be dedicated to MEHER BABA. At one time, searching for a theme for the collection of compositions I suggested that the the album should be called The Boy. This was to recognize the importance to the artist of remaining young.

While working on this record, I was doing a number of other things, including working on the soundtrack of the movie Quadrophenia. Indeed Raphael orchestrated the final scene of the film and conducted the orchestra with great authority despite being only twenty-one years old at the time. I regarded myself as Raphael's musical mentor during that period. Today, we inspire each other on a more equal footing. I am greatly influenced by Raphael's piano style - especially his modality.

To this day, Raphael and I regard ourselves as fellow voyagers on the path to God - who we see manifested clearly in the perfect life and continuing compassionate spiritual presence of AVATAR MEHER BABA. This might seem romantic, and it is of course. But whatever we like to believe as spiritual seekers, and however lost or vain we might become in our pursuit of art and fame, we are both utterly certain that we are merely channels for the will of god.

Pete Townshend, 1996

"Besides possessing an incredibly rich musical vocabulary, Raphael also has the uncanny ability to compose one beautiful melody after another."

Diane Frolov/Andy Schneider Executive producers as well as as Emmy award winning writers for the spectacular hit television series "NORTHERN EXPOSURE" and the new Showtime original series "THE CHRIS ISSACK SHOW."

"Raphael Rudd is one of the world's precious musical jewels. His music is mesmerizing, affecting, and excruciatingly beautiful."

Tim Busfield - Actor of the famed television series, THIRTYSOMETHING"

"Raphael's Music is really wonderful and I know that his musical projects are really fabulous."

Mimi Polk Gitlin producer of the Academy Award winning film "THELMA AND LOUISE" and "PICKING UP THE PIECES" (Woody Allen)